If you are involved in an accident abroad you should:

- Stop immediately it is safe to do so, and place your accident warning triangle at a distance sufficient to allow oncoming traffic to take avoiding action.
- Call the Police. Generally speaking it is the law in most countries that the Police must attend any accident involving a foreign vehicle.However, if you have insufficient command of the local language to do so, you will normally find that the other party will call them.
- Say as little as possible and remain calm. This is especially important in any dealings with the local Police.
Do not admit liability and do not sign any documents, other than the European Accident Statement or "Constat Amiable".

You may be asked for and should be prepared to produce:

a. Your driving licence.
b. The registration document for the vehicle, to prove ownership.
c. Your insurance certificate or Green Card.

It is perfectly safe for you to complete and sign the European Accident Statement or "Constat Amiable.It is simply a method of ensuring that the parties to an accident exchange the relevant information and if possible agree how the accident happened. Make sure that you are given a copy and that you understand the information written by the other party.

If you do not understand the police you should try and explain that you need an interpreter. However, most Police are very helpful in dealing with visitors and may be able to make themselves understood.In many countries the Police can be responsible for deciding fault at the scene of the accident.

If you get arrested you should ask to contact the Turkish Consulate or Embassy.

If you have been involved in an accident abroad as a driver employee you must definitely declare the accident to your employer or our Bureau after returning to Turkey.

You will be asked to provide the following documents along with your statement:

Green Card copy, driving licence and vehicle's registration licence.

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