1- Fill in the accident form for material damage accidents which is to be signed by both parties .İf the accidents involves personal injury call the security forces(police or gendarmerie) to the accident place.

2- Carefully write down the plate number ,make,model and country of origin of the foreign plated vehicle

3- Ask for the green card or insurance policy of the foreign plated vehicle if possible take a photographs of the green card or insurance policiy , if possible a cut-off copy of the green card or insurancepolicy should be taken

4- Call immediately TMIB

Settlement of Claims

TMIB undertakes the settlement of any accident caused in Turkey by a vehicle with license plates of a foreign country that is a member of Geeren Card System and that has been provided with a valid green card.

The system works in the following way:

-  A claim file is opened upon the application to TMIB of a victim after an accident 
-  The claim file number is informed to the victim immediately
-  If necessary depending on the claim amount an expert is appointed to examine the damage 
-  The accident is notified to the foreign insurer of the foreign plated vehicle and the confirmation of the policy cover is awaited.

Documents requested from a victim for material damage:

1- Original police report or agreed statement of facts 

2- Copy of the green card

3- Driving license and registration license of the vehicle

4- Original repair invoice or expert's report

5- Photographs of the damaged part, area or parts

Documents requested from a victim for accidents involving personal injury which is

1- Indictment in the prosecutorship's preliminary file or criminal court file and a forensic medicine report related to the injury ,

2- A final hospital report regarding the permenent disability rete from a full -service hospital.

3- Medical treatment expenses

Documents requested from heirs for accidents involving death

1- Death examinatıon and postmortem report

2- Indictment or criminal court verdict

3- Will declaration

4- License of burial

5- Income earnings document showing the income situatıon of the deceased

6- Document from public registration'soffice showing also criminal activity
Upon receipt of the comfirmation of policy cover from abroad,the translation of necessary documents is forwarded to the insurer of the liable party and the liability situatıon is explained.
After reaching consensus with the foreign insurers the necessary compensation is paid to victims.

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