TMIB, in the frame of Civil  Liability Insurance  regarding the use of motor vehicles  in countries participating in the Green Card  System where the insured vehicle circulates, was founded based on Written Regulation regarding work methods and essentiels of the Turkish Motor Insurers' Bureau which was published in the Official Journal dated 28.06.2008 with number 26920 and based on article no:24 of the Insurance Law to issue internationally valid documents and provide settlement for damages caused in that regard and to handle and settle claims of accidents in Turkey caused by foreign plated vehicles which have a valid green card.

The duties of TMIB

  • To form insurance or reinsurance pools with the participation of its members and to manage those pools
  • To be a guarantor for its members in the frame of green card documents issued by its members
  • To prepare insurance tariffs which are to be implemented by its members.
  • In order to reach its goals TMIB is authorised to make agreements and cooperate with any domestic or foreign establisment, insurance company.

Accidents in Turkey:

Provided that there is a valid Green Card TMIB undertakes the duties of a third party liability insurer for foreign motor vehicles. For that reason in case of losses in Turkey involving foreign motor vehicles the loss can be reported to TMIB who can be claimed against like a third party liability insurer. The claim is evaluated and settled within the compulsory motor third party liability insurance applicable in Turkey.

Capacity to be Sued

As far as TMIB undertook the obligations of a third party liability insurer it can be directly sued.Apart from TMIB a lawsuit may be directed against the registered owner and insurer of the negligent vehicle.

Authority to Serve a Writ

TMIB can only accept service of a writ to itself and the owner of the Green Card but not on behalf of the other insured persons. This results directly from Article No 4 of the UA which only empowers the Bureau to accept service on behalf of the owner of the Green Card.

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