Currently there are 47 countries in the system.The Green Card System is based, in principle, on the mandatory insurance of the Civil Liability of motor vehicles and on the establishment of Organizations by the name of Motor Insurers' Bureaux, which are recognized by the Government of each country that participates in the System which ensure compensation for physical injury or maternal damages caused by motor vehicles registered in another country.

Motor Insurers' Bureaux issue Green Card Certificates for motor vehicles travelling outside their country of origin.The authentic card must be green, it must be in 2 copies, there must be no deletions or erasures on it, and none of its data must be modified in any way. All Green Cards are of the same format, which has been approved by the UN, according to the uniform format of the Green Card approved by the competent UN Committee.

The 29 member states of the European Economic Area, including Switzerland, constitute a territorial unity, as far as motor insurance is concerned. For this reason, they appear together in a uniform frame in the Green Card printed form. This means that if an insurer of a third country who issues the Green Card, deletes the international letters of one of the member states of the European Economic Area, it is as if he has deleted all, and this vehicle, when entering the frontiers of one of the 29 members of the EEA including Switzzerland, shall have to contract a Frontier insurance, which will be valid in all EEA countries.

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