The Green Card is divided into paragraphs numbered from 1 to 9 setting out the following:

Paragraph 1, "International Insurance Certificate".

Paragraph 2, the Motor Insurers' Bureau, under the authority of which the International Insurance Certificate is being issued.

Paragraph 3, the dates of validity of the Green Card.

Paragraph 4, the international letters of the country where the Motor Insurers' Bureau is based, the code number of the insurance company that issues the card and the serial number of the Green Card/insurance policy.

Paragraph 5, the number of the licence plate of the vehicle or the chassis number.

Paragraph 6, the type and the make of the vehicle.

The countries for which the Green Card is valid are noted with their international letters written in a linear frame. A box corresponds to each country, with the exception of the 18 members of the EEA, including Switzerland, which appear in a uniform parallelogram.

Paragraph 7, the name of the insured owner of the vehicle or its driver.

Paragraph 8, the trade name and the address of the insurance company that issued the Green Card.

Paragraph 9, the signature of the representative of the insurance company and the stamp of the Company. 

At the back of the Card are the instructions for use of the printed form and the list of all the Green Card Bureaux.

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