The system of the International Motor Insurance Certificate which is also known as the Green Card System, was implemented on the 1st January 1953. This system aims at serving the motorists who travel across the borders of various countries, and also at protecting victims of vehicle-accidents of the specific motorists in the specific country where they travel, according to the basic objectives of the System, which are:

  • that Third Party victims of road traffic accidents should not suffer from the fact that the cause of injury or damage to them was a visiting motorist, rather than a motorist resident in the same country; and that
  • a visiting motorist should not be impeded by the need to obtain insurance cover at each of the frontiers of the countries visited.

The effectiveness of the Green Card System, in its almost 50 years of existence at an international level, is undisputed as it has fully succeeded in attaining its fundamental objectives.Currently there are 45 countries in the system.

In principle,the issuing of a Green Card Certificate to an insured is based on the condition that there is a compulsory motor third psrty liability insurance policy issued previously.

The Green Card System is based, in principle, on the mandatory insurance of the Civil Liability of motor vehicles and on the establishment of Organizations by the name of Motor Insurers' Bureaux, which are recognized by the Government of each country that participates in the System which ensure compensation for physical injury or maternal damages caused by motor vehicles registered in another country.

Provided that they are members of the Motor Insurers' Bureau of their own country,national insurance companies can issue Green Card Certificates for motor vehicles travelling outside their country of origin.

The authentic card must be green, it must be in 2 copies, there must be no deletions or erasures on it, and none of its data must be modified in any way. All Green Cards applicable in the Green Card System are of the same format, which has been approved by the Council of Bureaux which consists of the Bureaux of the countries participating in the system.

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